30XW Series Water Cooled Chillers

Models: 30XW. 31 models - 275 kwr to 1748 kwr capacity

30XW Series Water Cooled Chillers
30XW Series Water Cooled Chillers

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  • The new Carrier 30XW series Aquaforce water cooled liquid chillers are the premium solution for industrial and commercial applications where installers, consultants and building owners require optimal performances and maximum quality.
    The 30XW liquid chillers are designed to meet current and future requirements in terms of energy efficiency, flexibility of use and compactness. They use the most reliable technologies available today


  • The Carrier 30XW series Aquaforce water cooled liquid chiller is now  available in 31 models, from 275 kwr to 1748 kwr capacity.


  • Twin-rotor screw compressors with a variable capacity valve.
  • Zero ODP (ozone depeletion potential) HFC-134a.
  • Touch-screen Pro-Dialog control system.
  • Flooded heat exchangers that are mechanically cleanable


To meet to all environmental and economic requirements, the 30XW is available in two versions:

(30XW-) offers an optimised balance of technical and economical aspects, while at the same time boasting superior energy efficiency.

(30XW-P) offers unequalled energy efficiency to satisfy the most stringent demands of building owners wanting to reduce operating costs to the minimum.

Full load and part load energy efficiency that surpasses the industry average:

  • Eurovent energy efficiency class "A"
  • COP of up to 6.1 kW/kW (30XW-P)
  • ESEER of up to 7.3 kW/kW
  • Low operating sound levels


Easy and fast installation

  • Compact design
    The 30XW units are designed to offer the most compact dimensions on the market.
    With a width of approximately 1 m up to 1500 kW the units can pass through standard door openings and only require minimum floor space in the plant room.

Simplified electrical connections

  • Main disconnect switch with high trip capacity
  • Transformer to supply the integrated control circuit (400/24 V)
  • Simplified hydronic connections
    Victaulic connections on the evaporator and condenser - Practical reference marks for entering and leaving water connections.
  • Possibility to reverse the heat exchanger water inlet and outlet at the factory
  • Possibilty to modify the number of heat exchanger passes
  • Fast commissioning
  • Systematic factory operation test before shipment


MEPS Minimum Energy Performance Standards. This standard may limit the ability to offer all models within the 30XW chiller range. Consult you local AHI Carrier commercial equipment representive for details.

Contact your local AHI Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at you specific operating conditions.  (Office list)

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